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Making +10,000hp Reliable

We have all sacrificed parts in our never ending quest for better times.... but look no further than some of the loudest, most powerful, quickest accelerating cars in the world, #topfuel

Accelerated Surface Finishing - Top Fuel
Top Fuel Nationals at Maple Grove

Accelerated Surface Finishing has helped increase drivetrain reliability through strategic manufacturing partnerships for specific groups of high wear / high load components. Through exotic material selection, high precision manufacturing practices and highly controlled finishing procedures, these awe-inspiring machines are reaping the benefits of lower bottomline costs and higher run repeatability.

Accelerated Surface FInishing - Micropolishing - Superfinishing
NHRA Nationals at Maple Grove Speedway

Accelerated Surface Finishing is our proprietary finishing method which reduces overall surface roughness and increases duty cycle of the part and the assembly.

For more information contact us! Reach out through or site or any of our social media!

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