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Whats the deal with ASF?

ISOTROPIC IS NOTHING NEW - it has been around as long as vibratory finishing has but tweaking the process has lead to incredible advance in surface profile.

ASF or Accelerated surface finishing is an Isotropic Super Finishing / micro-polishing process that imparts a non directional finishing on the surface of a component using no abrasive and surface active chemistry.

WHY is this a big deal?

Traditional methods of vibratory finishing (abrasive media & "soap") produce isotropic textures as well - including standard vibratory bowls and tubs as well as centrifugal equipment like barrels and spindle machine, however, when abrasive media is utilized you can change the profile and tolerance of critical surfaces much faster if you are not careful because you are literally grinding the surface.

ASF replaces the abrasive in the media and moves it into the chemistry by creating a sacrificial, surface active agent that allows the surface to be "wiped" instead of "ground"

We are no longer actively removing stock material but now wiping away asperities (peaks) or the surface profile while preserving critical radius and tolerance.

Accelerated Surface Finishing
"As Finished" Surface Profile

ASF Finished Surface Profile

By just focusing plateauing the peaks, we reduce the possibility of micro-pitting and welding - leading to galling, spalling and eventual catastrophic failure. The enhanced surface profile also allows for oil weight reduction and loss through parasitic drag.

There are many other benefits to ASF and we hope you'll explore them for yourself!

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