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Wrist Pin Finishing

Wrist Pins take some serious abuse in high performance situations. When your running high RPM applications you are fighting friction all the time. One way to combat that friction is Accelerated Surface Finishing (micropolishing) the substrate surface. The quality of machining and grinding on a wrist pin is already incredibly high, very precise, and far beyond the standard machined finish. However, any grinding or honing process will leave behind microscopic directional striations that will propagate microcracks, create tribological turbulence and interfere with other mating part surfaces that have larger asperities than the hydrodynamic lubrication boundary. All of that combined can causes oil temperature increases, scoring - pitting and spalling of metallic surfaces and eventual part failure.

Accelerated Surface Finishing enhances the part substrate surface by removing these asperities and creating a non-directional surface finish. This allows for laminar lubricant movement as well as a maintained lubricant boundary effectively keeping the parts from contacting each-other in operation increasing efficiency and duty cycle.

Put ASF to the test!

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